About Me

I grew up in a rural area and continue to live just outside a rural town. Growing up rural was not always the life I wanted, but it was fun and beneficial. I realized a long time ago that my rural roots helped me in part become who I am today.

I went to school in my rural community which housed grades 1-12. I attended school out of state for grades three through five, then returned to my rural area. My parents were definitely happier coming home to our community. By the time we returned, only grades 1-6 were available for students. The upper grades had to travel to “town” 18 miles away. Our school was closed after my sixth grade year and the remaining student body was moved to town to finish our education.

Although, I don't have a social worker degree (human services), I currently do the job of a school social worker at the same school district where I graduated high school. I also have 17 hours in a Masters in Social Work program, but I didn't finish due to a financial decision. It was during my research class, in my masters program, that my rural roots started speaking to me. Sometimes you just take your childhood for granted. The title of my thesis was Embracing Rural Culture as a Building Block to Self-efficacy and Achievement. My thesis question was What is the relationship between a rural culture and self-efficacy that leads to achievement among a rural population? This question has spurred many thoughts on my own rural life.

I love writing and MUST do it every day. Along with my love of writing and being a rural gal, I created this blog The Ruralhood where I share experiences and stories on growing up rural. I'm hoping to use this blog along with my journals as evidence that I lived on earth for the time allotted me.

Thanks for stopping by.

You can email me at tcoltrin (at) gmail (dot) com

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