Saturday, August 12, 2017

When socioeconomic groups come together

If there is one thing, okay maybe two, that will bring socioeconomic groups together it might be sports teams and dollar stores.

In the town where I work (and live near), there is a new Dollar Tree! For months, Facebook buzzed with excitement over the new business. At one time, our town had its fair share of industry, for a rural area nearly forty miles from Missouri’s Queen City. 

I didn’t go to the opening of the new Dollar Tree, since I don’t like crowds, and I figured there would be crowds. However, one day after work I stopped by to purchase a greeting card. I bought two.

My big-spender purchase cost me one dollar plus tax. Even on that day, after the grand opening had passed, the parking lot was full. Inside, I was met with a well-organized, clean store and lots of people shopping, with carts. I recognized the patrons as a mix of those who had less money and those who had more than enough money. 

Customers were buying everything from food to school supplies. Most bought much more than I bought, but I’m careful with my dollars in the dollar store or I might be sorry. Dollar stores are a great tempter.

I'm super happy that we have a new business and that our community can come together over a dollar store. I only wish that one could buy a dollar tree from a dollar store. If I did buy that dollar tree, would I spend those dollars at the dollar store? That is the big question.



Pat Hatt said...

A dollar tree would be fine. I'd buy ten. We have two dollar stores, seem to have lost their luster, but a few still go there.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

We have a dozen of those stores and they are always busy. My wife goes there now and then. I think I've only been in one twice.
Glad I checked in today - I would've missed your post. Good to hear from you!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Teresa - ours are called Pound Shops or similar ... there's one in the middle of Eastbourne, I don't often go in - sometimes if I know there's something I'll find there - otherwise I skip by. Certainly they help many and offer lots of items. Glad you managed to find two cards - cheers Hilary

Mason Canyon said...

We have a few Dollar Tree stores around and they stay busy. Amazing how much you can spend before you realize it.

Arlee Bird said...

We've got a Dollar Tree store within easy walking distance--across the street from where I live. They are pretty good stores though I don't go there very often. My wife will go sometimes to get stuff for her classroom and students. I find it a good place for a unique selection of candy--which I don't need, but often succumb to buying. I've also bought several books there--hard copy books for a dollar isn't too bad and some of the books have been pretty decent.

The store that I was seeing everywhere back east and especially in Tennessee is Dollar General. Those things are all over the place!

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out

Susan Kane said...

We head there every now and then. It always has things we need, so I don't know why we don't go more often.

My m-in-l swore by that store. She and her elderly friends could always be found there. She owned stock in the company.

It is a good store for a community to support.

Haven't stopped off here for a while. Will be back.