Thursday, August 6, 2015

I blame the turkeys.

I'm the little girl, far right, in the photo.
No fence separating us in this photo!
(Sorry for the grainy picture.)
When I was a young child, my paternal grandparents (see header photo, bottom far right) were raising turkeys, probably I was familiar with chickens because my maternal grandmother (see header, bottom left photo) would take me with her to gather eggs, showed me how make them leave their nests and even tied up a hen or two so that I could have a pet chicken, while I visited. (No hating on me, okay? I was a child.)

Turkeys were a different matter.

One day we were visiting my grandparents and ended up outside the turkey pen, looking in through the wire.

“Stand back from the fence,” Grandpa said, “They could bite.”

The turkeys seemed as curious about us as we were about them. While the adults talked, I watched them. They strutted about, sometimes in circles, puffing out their chests, fluffing out their feathers and all the while screaming turkey words at us, in gobbler sounds.

Bold, but not so beautiful, the turkeys moved closer to the wire fence.
I moved closer to the fence.
Something told me to stick my finger through the wire and wiggle it. Know what happened next? Yes, one rude turkey rushed to bite it.
At first I was in shock, then I burst out crying while holding my finger. My grandpa raced to me, lifted me to his arms, and studied my (non)injury.
“A turkey bit me,” I blubbered.
“The turkey thought your finger was a worm and wanted to eat it," he said, rubbing the pain from my finger. "Now don’t do that again.”
I remember I stopped crying to look at my finger. A worm? Eat it?
I also remember the turkeys and I never became friends.


Phyllis Oller said...

Haha, you made me giggle. We raised turkeys for awhile & they got really mean, I was afraid to go tend to them so I made my hubby get rid of them. He had his aunt & uncle come get them, they left here alive, but what happened later I`ll never know. We were raising them for a neighbor who decided he didn`t want them either. I love the old time scenery in your photo, precious,phyllis

Gail said...

What a cute story.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Teresa - lovely ... and yes birds do peck/bite quite hard at times ... we had hens and geese - til the fox took the geese ... and tried for the hens. I certainly wouldn't like to be on the end of a turkey bite ...

Oh dear I do hope your little worm carried on growing and wasn't chomped off .. lovely rural story .. cheers Hilary

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Birds will bite! At least you didn't lose a finger.

JoJo said...

Kids just have to find out on their own. Like the time my aunt & uncle's neighbour told us not to touch the electric fence. lol We are infested with turkeys here on Cape Cod, but I don't think they'd be any good for meals...they look kinda scrawny.

Pat Hatt said...

Turkey's are cocky, nasty little buggers

Susan Kane said...

Very wise Grandpa.
Turkeys are very hard to pluck. Have to use a pair of pliers. Just a bit of trivia.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I remember my husband hunted wild turkeys when he was a boy...and talked about how mean they were! Sounds like you had a lucky escape from them with only a nibble. :)

Jay Noel said...

VERY rude! Makes me feel less guilty when eating a turkey sandwich.

Mary Aalgaard said...

Turkeys are such turkeys about making friends. They probably looked giant to you as a little girl.

Fundy Blue said...

Such a sweet memory, even if the turkey bit you, Teresa. What a loving and wise grandfather! I loved the old photo ~ Thanks for sharing it and your memories!