Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Smuggling and Giggles

The word smuggle makes me giggle. I have no idea why except some words do that for me. When Hillary Melton-Butcher from Positive Letters…inspirational stories…. featured the word “Smuggling” as her A-Z alphabet word posted here, I giggled. Then this story popped into my mind.

I have a weakness for most sugary candies. When my kids were young, every Easter I bought candy to fill their Easter baskets. Halloween, I would buy candy to hand out to the goblins. Christmas—well the same, I bought candy to fill the Christmas stockings.

My problem was that this task turned into an expensive venture when I would buy the candy and then smuggle the candy (out of the baskets--sometimes) the “Easter Bunny” had prepared or from the stash of candy I had hidden and eat it.

Then off to the store again I would go to buy candy, all over again. Thankfully, my metabolism was much better then.

One day, my (then) husband said to me after my run to the store to purchase more candy, “I thought you'd already bought candy for the baskets.”

I grinned and nodded, then rolled the half eaten Easter egg with a hardish shell and creamy white middle, to the inside of my cheek. “I ate most of it.”

He rolled his eyes and left the room.

A few years later, I decided that I wouldn’t buy ANY candy for ANY occasion until the day before I needed it. This works much better for my pocketbook, my waistline and my smuggling weakness.

And let's not forget the story of smuggling a box of sugar cubes from my friend’s basement so we could eat the entire box, but when we couldn’t, stored them elsewhere for future consumption. It didn’t really work out. Read The Sugar War, if you haven't, yet.

Smuggling drugs, people and terrorists into any country is not cool, terribly wrong and criminal.

My type of smuggling gives me--yes, giggles.