Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Waiting Summer: eXplanations

Is that cheating? Using X in that way? Oh well - you think of a word that begins with X for me. 

You need to know that I am not 17 in this photo but 16. The point of the photo is the dress. This is the dress I made that I wore to get a job in The Arrangement.  P.S. I am sooo darn cute. Seriously.

Me without makeup, but I must say I love this photo enough to marry it. Not sure why.

Look at those high waist maroon pants. Whew... nearly to my chin. I don't remember the blouse, but I made the seersucker jacket. I wore a lot of things with a long sleeves under a short sleeves. Can you see the red in my hair?

 This is me trying not to be photographed but featured in my post I Strum. You can't see, but my jamming partner and I are NOT alone in his room. The room was full of jammers. Yes, I was the only girl, but my friend's mom was in the next room. And, trust me when I tell you that, I was scrappy enough to beat them all to the floor, if needed. Oh and that's my guitar in the front.

First of all, I want to say that there has never been a prettier mom than I have. She remains beautiful. And look at her hair,  how cute is that all flipped up? I think this photo of me looks like my nine year old granddaughter. I may even see my attitude in her, but we won't talk about that. The picture was actually taken in March on my 17th birthday.
This is who I cut out of the previous picture, my ittle bitty sister (middle) and brother (far left)  -- except he was as tall or taller than me. Look at his cool hair.  This is the table where my mom taught me how to count money back to my customers in The Count Down.

New photo: I think I was 17 here because of the clothes. Could my shorts be any shorter? Believe it or not yes, the summer of 1974. Here it looks like I'm saying, who me? I'm not. I'm watching to see what my dad's doing AND pulling up my tank top. This is the front porch I dropped the flaming towel from in Tea Towels and Trouble. Guess what? I kissed plenty of boyfriends in that swing. Don't tell my folks.
These were my favorite bells of the time. You'll have to believe me when I tell you that the bells on those things earned the title of elephant leg. (Sigh) I also totally loved my halter top. I talk about my elephant leg bells in Signs of the Time.

Here's the rest of the photo. My bro got a haircut  it appears.
Well that's all the eXplanation I have for now.
P.S.S. If the A-Z doesn't end soon, I may lose my mind.


Fairview said...

What great photos! I'm with you, A to Z is driving me koo-koo!

Jade said...

Such great pictures ! I love looking at photos from the past and seeing these slices of people's lives. :) :) I know how you feel about A to Z. I did it a couple years ago and it was pretty intense.

JoJo said...

Great pics. Gotta love the 70s! I remember elephant leg pants.

Pat Hatt said...

Fun pics and lol to beating them all to the floor, wouldn't what to mess with you.

Banker Chick said...

I am with you on losing my mind. I am not sure I will even post after Tuesday of next week. We are going out of town next week and I am not taking my computer.
Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

Ida Chiavaro said...

What a great post and photos. I love those pants :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

High waisted pants and short shorts! You still looked great though.

Carol Kilgore said...

Love looking at photos like this. And I'm also happy getting to know you better.

I have A-Z brain. Fried, with a side of mush.

Susan Kane said...

Great times. Great styles.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Teresa .. what a lovely selection of photos .. and jeans with bells on ... I've never seen those .. but I guess I didn't mix in the right parts of the world.

They are a great set of photos - the one I like best is the one you love - that to me is you today! But I'd rather not marry you .. if you don't mind ...

It's amazing how like our parents we are, and how like you your grandchildren become .. lovely X memories ..

Cheers Hilary

Kern Windwraith said...

What a great photographic history. Love the fashions (especially those bell bottoms!) and these scenes of your family life.

Wow, do you ever look like your mother--both of you are lovely.

And the bro doesn't look so happy about that haircut. :)

Signing up to follow you by email. So annoying that Google Friend Connect doesn't work on WordPress!

Lynn Proctor said...

wonderful pics--i think we would have been great friends :)

Clarissa Draper said...

I love the photos! They are so cool. I love the clothes you wore back then.

Mary Aalgaard said...

These are all great photos. Thanks for sharing them. A blast from the past, for sure. And, your mother is beautiful, and stylish.

Play off the Page

Judy SheldonWalker said...

I remember those styles. I remember the first pair of panty hose in our neighborhood. It came free with a 45 record. We wore garter belts before that so this was a welcome change. Being required to wear stockings to school was kind of hard on the wallet and those darned garters would unsnap at the most inopportune times!