Friday, July 8, 2011

A Right of Passage

As a child, deodorant was a right (or a curse) of passage into adulthood or at least older childhood.

My second grandson told me last year that he now has to wear deodorant even though he forgets sometimes. His one and only sister said, "You need it." (You gotta love those siblings, right?) Then he said, "I know, but I forget."

I was around nine years of age when my mother introduced me to a canister of Arrid Cream Deodorant and told me it was now my responsibility to use it daily on my armpits. I remember giggling in my mind until I heard her reasoning. My mother said that deodorant would help me not smell like sweat. I must say, I was offended because I bathed regularly, rarely sweated and most of all (and importantly) had recently bought a bottle of perfume with my allowance which I was sure would spice up any alleged odor.

But, deodorant for me as a child had two implications.  Using it meant I was getting older, which of course I wanted. I was sure this was the beginning of being taken seriously. But the downside, I would realize later, was that deodorant would be a lifetime friend.

Through the years, my brand and style of deo has changed from cream to spray to roller to solids. 

Since that time, I've never left home without it...well not on purpose.

From the Ruralhood culture, or any culture, wearing deodorant for the first time is a right of passage or is it a curse?

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Linda Hoye said...

Great post! I remember being envious of a friend when I saw a container of Ban in her room. It was a symbol of growing up and maturity in my mind.

♥~Judy~♥ said...

I know an adult who has never worn deodorant. He doesn't smell either. He says that once you wear it you have to as it some how alters your body chemistry? You got me, but now I hear bad news about the aluminum in deodorant but have not found something else to stop the odor of perspiration other than repeated washing.

CM said...

I don't think I started wearing it until I was an adult. I use Dove too. It's good for sensitive skin like mine.

Naqvee said...

GOD... U know in India u have to wear a perfume/deo anything that doesnt smell HUMAN since we are people belonging to a hot temp. we (no doubt) sweat a lot and bathe a lot but we have to go for a fragrance. hehehe.. i hate people smelling like goats. mine is AVON's IMARI . sniff it its awesome

Naqvee said...

IT doesnt relate to adulthood here.. it relates to weather here.. the more warm here the more deos on sale. even kids in school.. they will tell which deo is good for 24 hour protection from smelling human hahahaha

BlueShell said...

hello, I'm Portuguese and I live in a small town, but my dream is to go to the country...near the nature ...(sorry for my poor english)...
I'll be back.

Arlee Bird said...

Deodorant became an issue for my younger sister before it did me and I relished in that since it was a somewhat embarrassing issue at the time. But I was soon convinced to start using it as well. We always had the kind that you had to dab on like Fresh or Tussy. When Right Guard came out with the spray it was hard to get my father to switch over, but at some point I convinced my mother to get me the spray to put in my gym locker at school. Do they even make that rub on stuff anymore?

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