Saturday, September 4, 2010


These are some of the cars from my youth.


The Rambler

(Can't remember the make)

I want to say this is a Morris Minor. I loved this car. I loved riding in it too.  I clearly remember thinking that when I grew up I wanted to live in this car. (Isn't my dad cool?)

My family are all about the VW's. I've owned two myself. What I want you to notice is the convertible that my folks passed to me to drive when I got my license. I was in convertible heaven. It became unreliable, however, and I had to stop driving it.

I think this Pontiac was my mom's all time favorite car. 

These are just a few of the many cars that had something to do with transporting me during my youth.

Do you have a favorite car or memory from your youth?


Indie said...

I had a 65 red mustang when I was 20.....

traded it in for a Chevy that could accomadate a car seat for my newborn.

My baby is all grown up and I want that Mustang back now!


Judy Harper said...

I think the make of the unknown car is an Oldsmobile (the vents on the sides were used by Oldsmobile, I could be wrong, though). My favorite car was the Corvair! I loved my Corvair! I have never forgiven Ralph Nader for stopping the manufacturing of them. Even if he thought is was for a good cause.

Kelly said...

I don't know much about cars, but I was going to guess it might be some sort of Chevy....maybe a Belair?

I learned to drive on a Ford Country Squire station wagon. Before that my mother owned a T-bird. Now THAT would have been more fun to learn on!!

Mason Canyon said...

My first car was a Chevy Belair with a straight shift on the column. It was blue and I thought it was grand at the time. Thanks for sharing your photos, love 'em.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Teresa .. love the picture of the Morris Minor Traveller Estate - a British car!!!???

I learnt to drive on the mini .. that was fun & small .. not like the huge American cars ..

The pictures are lovely and bring back wonderful memories .. enjoy Labour Day Weekend .. Hilary

Mary Aalgaard said...

I liked my sister's little Chevette, except for when it spun on the ice and sent us down into the ditch where the water wasn't quite frozen, and we had to climb out the hatchback and flag down some help.

Naqvee said...

really nice memories... u scan your memories really well here. i like it.. still i have to make my memories regarding cars, i don't own any ... let's when i will make it to my first car.. i will let u know through this blog!

Jw... thanks fr sharing it.

Love Naqvee

arlee bird said...

Great classics!
When I was very small my parents had a maroon Hudson (late 40's or early 50's). I loved that old tank--I mean car. Later, for many years we had station wagons to accomodate our family's 5 kids.

My grandfather had a blue and white Chevy Bel Air that I used to think was pretty nice.

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Gregg said...

I believe the one you couldn't remember is a Buick.

Anonymous said...

We had this Plymouth that was a rocket. My Dad loved to go fast in that. No seat belts back in the day when I was a lad. Kids (there were four of us tots) sat on Mom's lap or piled in the back and fought like cats and dogs. Ahhh ... good memories.

Stephen Tremp

lakeviewer said...

Oh these bring so many memories to all of us.