Saturday, August 28, 2010

School Time, ahh!

The grade school that I attended in the early sixties had no kindergarten. My school career began in first grade. I learned a lot from my first year in school.

I remember walking in the front doors, big doors. Then I had to walk up a flight of stairs 10-20 and down the wood floored hallway where all the high school classes were held. I had to walk past the big kids. It seemed like a long hallway.

I smelled food cooking. The cafeteria was in the basement or what seemed like the basement, but in realty was probably the first floor.

I loved my first grade/second grade teacher, Mrs. Looney. She was so kind. My school contained two grades in one classroom. Mrs. (Beulah) Looney was my teacher. She was born on the fourth of July and lived to be over a hundred years old and only spent three or four in a care center. I learned some basic life experience in my first grade year...rural street smarts I like to call it.

I learned I could have a boyfriend who would push me in my swing at recess. (Yes, that is David to my right. He was also my carnival candidate partner. David was an older man--second grade.)

I learned that those siblings that go to school feel superior over those who have to stay at home.

I learned once you go to school, it's a downhill push--meaning you'll always be expected to attend.

I learned that in a rural area you can't get away with anything, because...everyone knows everyone in your family.

I learned how to read. "Tom! Betty! See Flip run." (Susan said this in case you're interested.)

I learned I could walk through the neighbors' yards all by myself to get to the school. (My mother watched me the entire way, but I didn't know that until much much later.)

I learned that hot dogs can make you and the entire school deathly ill if not cooked properly.

I learned what it took to get me to the next level: second grade.

I learned to make friends.

I learned that school makes you tired.

And that was my first school experience.


lakeviewer said...

Yes, school does make you tired! Lots of activities and talking and worrying.

This was precious recounting.

Mason Canyon said...

Enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Oh how I wish for those days again and then think about all the pain of growing up - never mind it's fun to remember.

Thoughts in Progress

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Teresa .. we had to go by bus to school - that was a treat! A friend and I with my brother were old enough to go together ..

Then when the three of us went - we pooled the car ride with other locals - school was 5 miles away ..

Loved your take on your first years .. Hilary

Naqvee said...

Teresa, i cant express how much i loved this post.. i always like the past.. whatsoever it held for me .. but to me it always look so pleasant.

Mrs.Looney was born on 4th of July.. just like me and your son.. My mom used to call me looney bird when i was a kid. heehehehehe

your picture is so cute!

thanks for sharing with us your past memories .. they are worth knowing


ps thanks for the prayers.. your words hold a great significance

Mary Aalgaard said...

What a great name for a teacher! Great story, great memories. Oh, bad news, on the food poisoning. That must have been a disaster. The very first day of school is so memorable.

Kelly said...

This was a fun post. It brought back lots of good memories of my own. My first grade reader was "Jimmy, Sue and Pepper". Seems like I also remember "Alice, Jerry and Jip".

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Our first readers had Dick, Jane and Sally. Sentences were about three words. See Sally run sort of thing. There was so much repetition, how could you not learn? I can't remember the cat's name, but the dog was Spot. What a l-o-n-g time ago. :-)

notesfromnadir said...

That's great that you walked to school. Nowadays it seems that kids have to take a bus or get driven there.

Indie said... days!

Your post took me back.